The Kaha Team


(Photo of Michelle here.)


Michelle Teller

Michelle has been running Natural Born Builders for the past 13 years alongside partner Will,

This has included all operational, as well as marketing aspects of their business.

Michelle is now part of the admin and marketing team of Kaha Homes.

She is passionate about building small, affordable homes that are stylish and functional.

She also places a strong emphasis on the importance of running a business, with transparency and integrity.


(Photo of Will here)

Will did his trade training through Maori Affairs in Auckland in 1986.

It was considered to be one of the most comprehensive apprenticeships in New Zealand.

His building career spans across Australia, New Zealand and Southern Africa and is vast and varied. Time abroad included several High end architectural homes and restaurants in Sydney as well as set building on big budget movies in Australia and South Africa. When he returned to Napier in 2003 Natural Born Builders was formed.

Over the next 10 years the company built architecturally designed homes and completed many renovations, small builds. Specialising in the design, fabrication and assembly of light gauge steel framing.

In 2012 Will accepted the role as site manager for Leighs Construction in Christchurch and delivered his projects on time and well within budget, some of these include Placemakers Hornby, a 3 story office block on Kilmore street, Barrington Mall zone D, Montreaux furniture on Barbados street and the Botanical Gardens Visitors Centre.

2016 saw a return to NBB and now is the registered builder and trainer for Kaha Homes

(Photo of Thais here)

Thais Jeber

Thais is a Brazilian born entrepreneur

Thais started her first business at the age of just  years

She came to NZ to learn english and loved it so much decided to stay and apply for permanent residency.

Thais started her NZ business TJ Solutions offering specialist business advice and systems to small medium and large businesses. She certainly keeps us all on our toes, ensuring a smooth business operation that instills confidence for a customers.

(Photo of Paul here)

Paul Hubball

Paul is our project manager. He has owned and operated business in the electrical industry, from house alarms through to industrial switchgear manufacture.

His last role was managing the South Island branch for Lynn Electrical in Christchurch.

He is also responsible for purchasing products, with a keen eye for quality.


(photo of Suzanne here)

Suzanne was the founder of Shirebridge Homes, which she and her husband Paul operated until recently. Her experience is in sales and marketing, from writing articles for specialist publications, to insurance, news & media, and online marketing.

She recognised that the demand for small homes, was quickly becoming a demand she would not be able to meet alone.

Quickly searching for the right people to come on board. She found the perfect team. Shirebridge Homes had come so far, but it was now time to grow and expand.

Kaha Homes – (meaning strong homes) was created as an alliance of Shirebridge Home, Natural Born Builders and TJ Solutions.

No one is good at everything and smart businesses either hire experts in their relevant fields, or they join forces with others, who can take them further.


(Photo of Rapata here)

Rapata has worked alongside Will for the last…. years