Ravenswood Homes are Certified Registered Builders with 60 years Combined Experience

All of our homes are built to exceed the NZ building codes to ensure your home will meet council regulations throughout NZ.

A house built on an existing section is usually built specific to that site.

Ours are built for ANY site in NZ.

They are designed for easy relocation, should you choose to on sell you wont be restricted as to where it can be sold to, since they can go anywhere in NZ

Issued with a full Code of Compliance certificate.

For a difficult access, or larger homes we can of course build at your site and even crane over onto sites.

Our houses are constructed from NZ galvanised steel frames and designed by qualified structural and architectural engineers.

We will beat ANY other comparable quote.

All of our staff are qualified registered trades and we are certified registered builders, building for over 30 years.

After many meetings with Councils, Politicians, Designers, Architects, Suppliers. We believe we have created the perfect solution, which will keep everyone happy.

You will get what you pay for and more. Large or small.

Our stock homes are designed to  easily comply as second dwellings on lifestyle blocks, or for farm accommodations.

Smaller doesn’t mean living in cramped conditions, or compromising on quality, or style, or security and larger doesn’t mean huge expense or compromising on quality.

Want your home to last for the next few hundred years?

Build right build once.

Why we switched to Steel Frames 

We were traditional builders, old style brick layers, block and wood frame builders.

Because we are constantly striving to evolve into something even better, we investigated steel.

Most all industrial buildings are built from steel for their longevity and strength, withstanding major earthquakes and disasters more so than wood framed buildings.

Steel was an obvious choice for houses too. Why not?

Why haven’t other builders changed over yet?

To do so needs stepping outside of your comfort zone, most builders are happy doing what they do, its what they know, they are not prepared to learn new skills when the old ones will do.

We WERE prepared to step outside of our comfort zones and we ARE ahead of the crowd and experienced in this area. We take on apprentices and train them in the new ways of building as well as the old.

There is still a need to use wood in some instances. Some homes that require additions or alterations, may still require the use of wood.

We are a family based business employing many family members who work as a large team.

We can build traditional built homes on your site, or we can manufacture homes at our site.

Our expert team can sort all of your needs from building consents, ground works, services connections etc for you. We can also advise or do part of the work should you wish to do more yourself.

We have provided lock up shell buildings, small homes, baches, holiday homes in remote places or full sized 6 bedroom homes. We can also construct extensions or renovations.

We also build commercial grade sheds and greenhouses to any size.

Send us your plans to price and we will beat ANY comparable price.

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Whatever your situation, we’ve got you covered.

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